«18-я Международная пищевых ингредиентов - Ingredients 2015»

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We are happy to cooperate with you! 

WIRUD GmbH is the developer, supplier, manufacturer of the following products:

  • Food raw materials and half-finished product, sport nutrition
  • Products for children: fruit jelly, syrup with vitamins, Omega-3
  • The development of range of Sport nutrition “WIRUD” is completing

High quality products, prompt delivery and flexible pricing.

Our researches and intellectual achievements

  • Certificates of trademark: More than 15
  • Patents for inventions: More than 20
  • Selecting and matching of nanocarries with medicinal substances (in-house and joint development)
  • Development of science-based compositions’ formulations, including mixtures, premixes (in-house and joint development)
  • Development and study of new formulations in food products, specialty foods, sports nutrition and cosmetics


  • Personnel: high level of proficiency, regular training programs and yearly re-attestation
  • Products: safety, quality standards, compliance with the requirements of Eur. Pharmacopeia, American Pharmacopeia (USP) and Food Chemical Codex (FCC); Non-GMO composition; Free from prohibited ingredients and products of WASA list
  • Production, storage and logistic: compliance with world standards
  • Standards GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)
  • Standards ISO (International Organization for Standardization)